Products Introduction

The hand-held refractometers are specially designed for measuring the concentration of many kinds of solution listed as following: juices,beverages,honey,salt water,brine,cleaning fluid,battery fluid,antifreezing fluid and industrial fluid etc. And they can also test the proportion of the water-soluble solution. They can be easily used and their price is competitive. You only need to drop some water on the prism and then make it towards the sunlight. Then the reading of the concentration will appear. The ATC means automatic temperature compensation.
   Digital refractometers are kinds of digit product based on the hand-held refractometer. The measured datas can be displayed on the LCD screen. Comparing with the hand-held refractometer, it is more intuitive and accurate. More over they are equipped with ATC system.
   Abbe refractometers are designed for the measurement of refractive index(nD) and the average optical dispersion(NF-NC) of the transparent, the semitransparent and the solid matter (mostly transparent). It is connected with a circulating thermostatic bath.What's more,it can measure the refractive index at the working temperature 0℃~50℃. It also measures the brix percentage of sugar solution at the working temperature 0-95℃ which is equal to the refractive index1.333- 1.531. It is widely used in oil industry, fat industry, pharmaceutical factories, paint, food processing, chemistry, sugar refineries, geologic etc., and relative factories, school and research center.